Literature – that comprises a variety of disciplines – poetry, essays, dramas, novels etc. is an essential thing in life, something that tells lots about life. That is why it is the mirror of life. The reason it is called the mirror of life is a piece of literature whether it is poetry or prose is about life and all that literature expresses is mostly about life if not only about life.

Humans have worries, pains and pleasures in life. Man has to struggle for survivals at some points in life. Nobody has a completely smooth life through the length of life he has been living. At some points or junctures of life he has to endure or go through some stressful moments. He has to struggle to adjust with different environments. That can be a natural environment, physical environment, social environment, family environment etc. At some points he might have  to struggle to make himself adaptable  or adjustable. For example when he is in a family setup there he may have  to  adjust with different views that may clash with his nature or with his ideas. That means he has to make a lot of compromises with society.

That is what life is about.  And literature is something that tells or expresses such issues, or the inner feelings or some thoughts man undergoes or endures in  his life. Bulks and bulks of novels have  been written and volumes and  volumes of thought go expresses in these novels about life. Life is beautiful from one angle and from another angle life is full of ugliness. It is an admixture of goodness and badness, pain and pleasure and  literature whether it is poetry or drama or novels express these aspects of life.

The advantage of reading any piece of literature is it teaches us about life. And a person going through pieces of literature knows the world better than those who do not read literature since they can read inner feelings of human beings. There are other branches of knowledge that express different subjects or disciplines like economics is about wealth or about the management about youth and science is about physical nature or also about human anatomy or about health science but literature studies about human beings their  psychology and society and history of human beings.  Therefore few things tell about life more than literature. Literature therefore broadens human perspectives and brings man closer and closer to truth.

Those who read books of literatures are more sensitive than those who do not for those who read literature can  empathize with their fellow humans who are living lives pains, torments or tortures in life.  Therefore reading  books of literature transports you to a world of humanity which those who do not read cannot visit at all and therefore they cannot know much about life.

Small children are encouraged literature at their small ages so that they can learn much about life and know everyone does not have  the same  advantages and privileges of education , of comfortable life style and of the luxuries they are living in. So that they can  empathize with the rest of other children who are born from the less advantaged parents and  their living conditions maybe poor and pathetic.  Yes after going through books of literature children can be more sensitive towards those who are suffering and of course they  may develop a mind of charity and think about doing something  to lift the poor and destitute out of their impoverished  or very poor living conditions. Of course one should be careful about choosing the right books  for their kids so that they can get the right education. Some books maybe not suitable for kids.

Sometimes books of stories, whether they are mythological stories or moral stories they indeed broaden their perspectives on  life and they get a wider vision and clearer perspective and farther insight and therefore such books can  help them to live as better humans in  their adulthoods. At the same time such books fuel their imaginations and at the same time moral books may boost their sense of morality.

The world could not have been a better place to live  in without books and of course humans would not have been more sensitive and empathetic and sympathetic without books of literature. Therefore it is our duty and of course  responsibility also to encourage children and adults also to read books of literature so that they can be  better and more responsible and sensitive  citizens in  their futures.