Osho was a revolutionary figure, though a Guru likes the rest of other Gurus in a robe or attire with a long beard. But he was different, a spiritual Guru of revolution and he is the only one Guru who interpreted spiritually in a different light. Religion should liberate man rather than cripple him. Religions mostly subjugate or subject humans to a mountain of rules and regulations and as a result, man becomes lame and Osho was the first spiritual teacher who had something different to say and indeed he got them said beautifully and of course different from the rest of other Gurus who dared not say what they wanted to.

Osho was a mystic and he has been controversial throughout his life. For he never confirmed to accepted beliefs or lines of thoughts and he always questioned every authority whether it is institutional or religious or even so-called sacred. He questioned them and he was the first Guru or spiritual master who questioned them. Our history shows that those who dared to tell the truth always remain controversial or heretic. And Socratic was given a cup of poison because he had come up with thoughts they deemed full of heresies, going against the authority of the day. Galileo was put at stake for he was the first one to dissent the heliocentric idea that the earth is the center of the universe. Now in the same vein, Osho has emerged as a new heretic, and there were uproars, tumults, and controversies it has stormed all over the world.

Often he was called sex guru for he had a break with the age-old thought on sex and traditional Hindu societies did not publicly accept his ideas, though they were all not different in their attitudes to sex.

Osho has gone to the United States since there were tens of thousands of disciples inviting him there to teach them spiritual lessons or give them a series of initiations on spirituality. There he had an Ashram called Rajneeshpuram in Wasco County, Oregon. But as every revolutionary or heretic has to face something in their existing social segments or value systems Osho had to face the same there in Oregon and the county residents and the state government put forward a succession of legal issues against Osho and his Ashram. He was later on deported from the US with a multiple of accusations. And after that many other countries also denied entry to him in their countries and finally he came back to his own  Ashram in Pune and there he died 1990.