We have two different wings of knowledge or ideas about the creation of the world.  Those who believe in God says the world is created by God and on the other hand those beliefs in scientific theories or simply in science think there is nothing to do with God about the creation of this universe. The universe has been created accidentally and we all are here accidentally and there is nothing and no connection with God.

When children go to school they have to study biology. Biology is the science of life and in the science of life they have to study that man and the rest of other animals and plants were not created by God as they are or appear now. They are there through evolutionary processes and it might have taken millions of time for the evolution to come to this stage. Science says man evolved from the monkey and the monkey from other lower animals.

Yes, when children study science they are confused. Which is the truth? Man is created by God according to  what he had heard from his parents or from the priest at the church. But his science teacher says otherwise that God has not created man and man have evolved and evolved from the very tiny creatures for over millions.

This confusion goes on throughout life and nobody unless and until one becomes well-versed in science or becomes a scientist or can understand the intricacy of evolution. But the majority of people even the students of science cannot be sure whether the world is created by God and this confusion goes forever and never the answer can be arrived at.

It is indeed the duty of parents to tell their children the truth about the story of creation but unfortunately, they themselves are not sure about it. Therefore this is a subject that will confuse people forever and no books of science are there with full explanation about the creation of the universe.