It is very important children are given vocational or career guidance when they pass through a certain  phase of education  in their lives.  Of course most children are unsure about their future careers and yet a few children have certain inklings or ideas  or preferences for certain careers or subjects. Some children wonder at the beauty of the universe and wonder how big the universe is and think they want to be scientists in their lives, and of course their interests may be in astrophysics, needless to say and some children may be interested in human physiology or anatomy they may study biology and later on they may specialize and be anatomists and others physiologists. Choices, preferences, fondness also vary and also they are not always the same and interests can be changed and if children at a particular stage become interested in one line after a certain amount of time their interests may change.

Interests or preferences may go with the kind of society one is in. Maybe if one comes across singers or if his house is full of musicians his mind indeed will go in that direction, and if a flock of poets go there and the boy listens to the poems and indeed he may have an interest in writing poetry. Yes interest, choice changes from time to time.

Yes good thoughts, ideas, or ideas or prospects of certain lines or vocations can be inculcated or installed in  children in their infancies or else they become confused, unsure about their careers or about what they are going to be in their futures.  If we cultivate  or promote good thoughts they indeed will be induced towards a certain  career.  For example if we tell our children the benefits, social respects and recognition and of course their values in life of a certain profession  like medical or engineering line they become attracted to that profession and yes this kind of choice can generate in them lots of interests in being doctors and they can  be doctors and will study diligently to that end .

Therefore careers or aims or vocations should be counseled to children in  their infant times and that give them a clear line or vision of what they are going to be in their futures.