Haribol Acharya

If we go to any remote district in Nepal we come across cases of large numbers of youths going abroad, mainly in quest of better opportunities: Mainly job opportunities, and educational opportunity.  This kind of mass flight of people in the country commenced mainly from the time of the Maoist insurgency in Nepal started about two decades ago. The Villages or remote districts of Nepal were considered insecure in that duration especially for the youths of Nepal. The youth of the nation were forced to join the army of the Maoists to fight with them. As such the youth had two choices – either to leave the village or join the party.  This has though taken only negatively, positive sides also. If we fairly analyze all that happens in the name of the insurgency one important thing that did was it awakened the sleeping youths of the nation. A large mass of youths were living stagnantly, doing nothing only indulging in drinking, gambling in those days. It mobilized the youth to wake up and of course, it made them uneasy and uncomfortable, and it even shattered their family lives and took away their happiness but it once urged them to get up in life. There was a radical change in the nation and maybe for the first time in the history of Nepal such a big change or revolution that even threw a long tradition of monarchism and brought about the republic political system in Nepal.

The above account gives a picture of the state of our sociopolitical condition. Let us analyze its socioeconomic impact also in the nation.  Let observe our villages. Most of the youths are going abroad and mainly they are going to the Middle East. It is hard to come across youths in villages. When husbands fly overseas their wives naturally leave the villages and move to cities, most leave their mother-in-laws and father-in-laws and leave alone or with their kids if they have in the city. Now imagine the young women living all alone in the city without their guardians. They are free now for the first time and act freely the way they want. They get lots of money from their husbands from overseas countries. These married women often flirt by making boyfriends and have even illicit relationships, that is, some even have sexual relationships with them and indulge in drinks and use up the hard earned money their husbands send them. When their husbands come to their families they will become shocked that all that they have earned through hardships have been used and their wives moving with their new boyfriends.

This is a great socioeconomic issue. One has to accept that the problem exists. This is a very painful problem but this needs addressing or taking care of rather than ignoring that the problem does not exist. This problem should be taken into account by the government of Nepal and take care of their families in order that their family lives become safeguarded.