Haribol Acharya

Today the youths of Nepal are changing a great deal. And their outlook on lives have gone a big transformation. They do not think the way their parents or grandparents do. Their parents and mainly their grandparents always thought to amass huge amounts of land for their kids. Service is given little priority and the majority chooses to be farmers. It is a tale about five decades ago. Now the outlook is changed. Now the majority of parents whether they hail from a village or from a city want their children to take a different course and they do not want their children to be farmers. They want their children to be doctors, engineers or at least teachers or if they think differently – they want their children to be businessmen or entrepreneurs. But never farmers. They see no prospects in farming and farming is not a chosen career path.

Yes, parents want their children to be great persons. They want their children to be successful people. Success here is measured mainly in terms of the amount of wealth they can amass and the power they can handle.  Few teach their children to be good, honest and moral persons. These values or virtues these days are weaker things.

Are they right to show that kind of life- the path that promises a lot of wealth and power? This is hard to judge. But nevertheless, it is true that money alone cannot make one happy in life. Therefore while money is essential it is also equally essential to make the best use of money. Or to put it differently, through a limited resource one has to maximize his or her satisfaction.