Kathmandu – The graph of crimes is increasing in Kathmandu year by year, data shows. According to the Kathmandu District Police Range, the cases of banking fraud and other economic offences have significantly soared here in the recent times. In the fiscal year 2077-78 BS (2020-21) a total of 5,662 cases of crimes were registered in Kathmandu and this number increased to 8,977 in the following year and further rose to 13,464 in the fiscal year 2022-23. Notably, more than half of these cases, specifically 7,101 cases, were related to banking fraud. Similarly, 2,894 are related to abuse, 647 involve theft, 414 are associated with swindling, 368 are related drug abuse and smuggling, 357 are related to suicide incidents, and 326 are concerning women and children. Likewise, 189 cases are related to traffic accidents and injuries, 27 cases are about murder, and 1,141 cases related to other forms of offences. Senior Superintendent of Police, Dan Bahadur Karki, said the data presents the escalating trend of banking fraud and other economic offences in Kathmandu lately. This includes banking fraud, bounced checks, swindling through lottery scams, and deceptive promises of lucrative employment opportunities abroad.