I like to talk with you about ways to write effective descriptions for your YouTube videos,which should help them get found by search engines included study that looked at what kind of videos the text under the various the descriptions of the various actually resulted in moral likelihood of being found for search engine results in foreign away information all type titles with a informational YouTube videos were found versus 18% navigational in 12% transaction transaction with things like by various navigation on IPL is free or descriptions that start with your URL because that is a clickable link and then you’d write your video description using words like how to do something learn about what is what are all the history of those are more likely to be searched for and returned by Google ping and other search engines in a regular search for a topic it’s more likely be your video will be returned if you search coherent upload a video to YouTube and write an informational description YouTube channel what I want to do with upload a video that I just created 7 o’clock your on upload give me the upload screen and you can see that I call it enabled now from my account from more than 15 minutes and that happens when you in good standing with YouTube in you have some good videos after the people like they will go ahead and give you it was within 15 minute YouTube maximum like to upload a very awesome I click upload and navigate to the video that I won’t upload shows some of the new features of YouTube at least new today that allow you to do some minimal editing a video 16 uploaded so I called that edit video inside YouTube and I’m just gonna quit and a MP4 file in you can see 863 makes element click open and its going to start uploading it immediately now why what’s up Ariel information and privacy settings I am where is slow Internet connection secure video with never take this long to upload I am going to start typing in on the video information and I’m just got finished uploading because nobody was two sisters how to edit your video inside YouTube and then I added my url for instant video mastery enthinai prescriptions that is both uses some others information over its like to learn how to but also is very detailed information and getting it the more you can write in your description tomorrow likely it is that it is going to return your video has been relevant to the search survive at all different kinds of information in eviews special keywords now what I need to do that thanks so anything you want use keywords to you using for your videos on the go ahead some others I think my fever went then I’m going to select category and this is definitely education Republic meeting anybody can see it I can do unlisted which is a relatively new feature where it’s different from private where you have a limit of only 25 people can watch that video and you have to add the email with unlisted its new and what happens is that you can send that link for an unlisted video to anybody and then they will be able to see it however there’s no protection of it because they can pass it around and everybody can see it but it is a way for you to use YouTube and get information to people that you may not want to be found by the search engines or by the youtube search for that’s kind of a new feature but I’m in leave mine public and I have a standard YouTube license this is my content in unk renting to you to the licence to use the content or other terms of service and you also could use a creative commons so now what I wanted to say the changes in you can see its goin up here uploading and its processing video so whatever it is saved uploading and then we’ll save changes and go back into the account access the update so now I am going to do is go back in here Siberia what I want to do is cut can get it info see the product description to be entered the text we entered the category we can edit all of these things from here.
Open system processing will get to choose a thumbnail to be like and let’s talk about the broadcasting in positions we discuss this year comets Dua people to be able to comment I am going to choose no comments on this one and I don’t want to come in welding fact like to 1 people to be able to do video responses yes but only if I prove them Sneha think so I’m wearing cool I like people to be able to embed this video on Ale I don’t wanna make this video and it’s really Ok with me if I want to INR syndication yes I want us to be able to be on mobile phones on TV how to make some changes and then go ahead and just click save changes Flipkart video started so I’m kinda liking this also to map locations searching for different places on the earth 3D video options now one saying about map date and map things in a living bio locators people will be able to find you so we can be sure that if you  are very clear that people will be able to find you using that and that’s ok with you video information that should be more easily.