Today the world is ruled by a few businessmen, industrialists. It seems nations are controlled by politicians, but behind all these politicians there is a hand of the few businessmen and big corporations. Very few persons can know this fact since these businesspersons remain in the background all the times, and all those who appear in the foreground are politicians. Most of what political leaders act is in the interest of the few businessmen and even they are ready to amend the constitution. This kind of indirect control of everything political, economic done by politicians is often called corporatocracy.

In fact even in a small country in Nepal, most of the election campaigns are funded by a few corporate tycoons. Since money is needed for a political party it is the big corporation who funds them on a condition that the political parties will help them once they will be in power. Even they can help businessmen to evade tax.

In fact, in capitalism, some big corporate bodies through their influences on government can ruin national economies. In fact, a few top business entities can control most businesses and small and midsized businesses go extinct and may have to shut down their business houses being unable to compete with these few business entities.

A few of the great economists claim that growing inequality in the world is resulting from the fact whatever policies and plans are framed by governments are mainly in the interests of some business houses only.

That means the ones who are ruling in the nation are not the political leaders who are represented by the people but by those who are behind the scene. These people are businessmen. Most of us are not aware of this fact.