Jhapa – Nepal imported vegetables and fruits worth Rs 6.29 billion through eastern check point, Kakadvitta, in one year. Information Officer at Plant Quarantine Office, Kakadvitta, Chandra Kishor Thakur, said fresh vegetable worth Rs 3.35 billion and fruits worth Rs 2.94 billion were imported via Kakadvitta in the fiscal year 2079/80 BS.

According to the Office, 25,312 metric tonnes of onion worth Rs 809.9 million, 38,010 metric tonnes of tomato worth Rs 608.1 million and 19,988 metric tonnes of bitter gourd worth Rs 319.8 million were imported during the last fiscal year. Specially, onion, tomato and bitter gourd are imported from India.

Similarly, Nepal imported 617 metric tonnes of apple worth Rs 685.8 million and 15,531 metric tonnes of pineapple worth Rs 621.2 million in one year.

Adhikari mentioned that 7,718 metric tonnes of orange worth Rs 370.4 million, 3,072 metric tonnes of grape worth Rs 196.6 million and 2,763 metric tonnes of pomegranate worth Rs 264.8 million were brought to Nepal via the eastern check point in the last fiscal year.