Let us make a fair comparison between today’s kids and the kids of yesterdays that mean the ones who were born five decades ago in Nepal. One thing more than any other that has totally distanced today’s kids from the kids born five decades ago is – technology. The technology was there in those early days also, no doubt. There were radios with Nepalese people though Televisions were a far-cry in Nepali houses.  There were almost all the vehicles that run on our roads today and most of the planes that fly over heads.

But two things that have changed or to use a better term, metamorphosed today’s world are the Internet and the Mobile Phone. These two modern gadgets have changed the thought, course, and style of living immensely and this change is global. Even the impact of these things are everywhere even in the remotest districts of Nepal we can come across people using the cell phone and the internet has connected the people no matter which district or country one hails from – through Facebook. The connection has a greater bright side though there are innumerable problems, crimes these gadgets have brought in today’s world.

Now, no matter what we do we can distance our kids from using these instruments.  They have been addicted. Not only we also have been addicted though we were born earlier. But nonetheless, it makes a big difference if we take little concern for our kids rather than leaving them unwatched or unattended at all. Our kids are vulnerable to anything and we know there are pornographic materials also easily accessible to our kids just at a click. We must be watchful of their activities and even we must check the history of all their activities to know the websites they are using. We must try to educate them and teach important values rather than threatening them or beating them that does not solve the problem at all. But that simply complicate the problem.

 We can make both use and misuse of these modern devices and yes these devices can be instruments of education and of course it can connect people throughout the world.  Yes, today’s kids cannot go without the internet or the mobile phone. These are essentials in their lives and if we try to disconnect them from such devices we may distress them. Therefore the role of parents at all times is very watchful and concerned about their kids and give regular advice and feedbacks. That will save our kids from being spoilt.