The Tharu Museum based in Bhalka of Shuklaphanta municipality-8 in Kanchanpur has been opened for tourists from home and abroad targeting the Visit Nepal Year 2020. The museum has been set up in a traditional Tharu house built with the support of municipality ward office. Bhalka remains as the identical place of indigenous Tharu community.

The museum is now fitted with solar energy and it ensures toilet facility for visitors. It reflects the culture, lifestyle, and tradition of the Tharu people. Artefacts and articles that the Tharu people have been using for livelihood since the ancient time have been displayed in the museum.

Such objects are helkla, diliya, chhituwa, pakhai, delwa, berri, parka, paina, chandol, doli, dhadhiya, khogiya, paiwa, kharau, chhautwa, dapala, manda, basya, kuthari, dehari, maruwa, pata, bhala, barsi and dhal. Besides, it features Tharu’s traditional costumes and agricultural tools belonged to the Tharu community.

Ward chair Bahadur Mahara pledged to ensure additional budget to further systematise the museum.

For a week, the entry fee is free and after a week, the local government will determine the fees, it is said. Bhalka remains as the ancient holy shrine of the Tharu community. It has a water pond and its water remains cold during summer and turns warm during winter. A huge cultural festival is organized here every year on the occasion of the Maghe Sankranti. House of Representatives member Nar Bahadur Dhami inaugurated it amidst a programme on Monday.