Haribol Acharya

Today there is a growing concern for the plight of the aging or elderly people in the city. The reason is these elderly people are getting lonelier than ever before. Their children living in the city are busy with earning a living; that means they have to work hard from morning to evening just to make two ends meet. And that is why these youngsters have very little time to take of their aging parents. This is one of the reasons why elderly people are getting more and more isolated these days in the city. Another reason large numbers of people are flying overseas, a few for getting a better education and the majority for making money. Yes, the economic reason is indeed one of the major reasons why they have to leave the nation.



There is shortages or scarcity of employment in the country and since Nepal is a poor country and there are fewer industries that generate employment. What is more, the country is politically deadlocked. That means Nepal does not have a stable government and a country without a stable and powerful government cannot develop, since people whether they are from foreign nations or internal investors they do not feel safe to invest in the nation. As such every year, large chunks of people flock to foreign lands in search of better employment. This has isolated the elderly people. These days mainly in the city elderly people are living very pitiable lonely lives. Their children are not wholly responsible for the plight of their aging parents.

One of the best options the government of Nepal must do is Old Age Homes need to be built so that they can live there in peace. At least they cannot feel lonely there since they can have people of similar ages and states. There should be better medical facilities since these old people are more and more prone to a variety of ailments and diseases.

Everybody will age and be old one day. It is circular in nature. Therefore all have to be aware of the fact that there should be some sanctuaries wherein these pathetic elderly people are properly taken care of.