Bhojpur –  A project to build a memorial park at Hatuwagadhi rural municipality in Bhojpur has been completed. The project jointly implemented by the local and the province governments aims to protect and promote the Kirat culture, it is said.

Rural municipality chair Prem Kumar Rai said the park named ‘Dimalung Memorial Park’ spans across some areas from ward no 2 and 3 of Hatuwagadhi and it serves as a representation of the essence of Kirat culture.

The project’s total cost amounted to Rs 21 million. The main objective of this park is to protect the ‘Dimalung Rock’, a special rock considered significant in view of the history of Kirat Rai community. The park is named after the same historically important object, according to the local representatives.

In the Rai language, ‘Dima’ means grandmother and ‘Lung’ means rock. The Kirat community gather here twice in a year for cultural dances and a religious worship. Rural municipality chief administrative officer Mahesh Niraula said the Koshi province government has planned to allocate additional Rs 2.5 million, while the local government Rs 700 thousands for the management of the park.