Haribol Acharya

Nepal is indeed a small country, geographically speaking and yet Nepal a great country in other respects. First Nepal is naturally a rich country considering its biodiversity. A country of mountains, hills, rivers, river-valleys, plateaus, lakes, plains and the Himalayas, Nepal is indeed geographically a country of great variations. Tens of thousands of tourists flock here every year for the sheer beauty of its landscapes and temples and pagodas.

But Nepal is also culturally a rich country. Given its vast cultural fabrics, Nepal has something uniquely its own. As such Nepal has a great reservoir of cultures, arts, literature, and religions that give Nepal a distinctive identity and a great recognition. Nepal is a country wherein the Buddha was born. As such Nepal is not just a small geography, a physical space that is measured in size and shape. It is a great culture that can give the world something the world is constantly seeking: that is a lesson through which people live together in harmony.

One of the concrete examples is though Nepal is a country of multiple ethnicities, religions all are living in perfect harmony and in coexistence. Whereas there are so many cases of conflict, violence, and mutual enmities in Nepal people of different cultures, religions, and beliefs are living incoherence. There is respect, cooperation among the people of Nepal. This kind of totally understanding among different faiths, creeds, and religions is not possible elsewhere.