Haribol Acharya

Spirituality is in demand more than ever before in this world, a world wherein people are always running in a rat race for some material gains. People are running for something every day, for meeting their daily needs. They have to work hard first to meet their daily necessaries like bread and butter, and of course they have to pay rent if they are renting flats; they have to pay for their kids’ tuitions fees; they have to take care of their aging parents and they have to save a little bit money for future needs also if any. That shows they have to work hard to just meet with the basics.  Their needs do not end up here.  Men are social creatures and as such, they have to live together with the rest of other social creatures: their relatives and friends and their neighbors. They have to maintain a certain standard of life. They have to run after fashion also. These incur them additional expenses.  Maybe they want to have two wheelers or four wheelers depending on their social associates. They have to allocate a certain amount of funds for these necessities. Owning vehicles in today’s world has been a necessity which was thing s of luxuries just a couple of decades ago.

When men are living stormed with so many necessaries in life they have to work hard to meet all these family or social demands. They have to work all day from morning to night to make money and buy all these necessaries or comforts with the money they are earning with a lot of hardships. As such today’s,  are living totally stressful lives.  They are running after material gains and they are toughening their lives and working more than their health permit.

Very few people know how much is enough and they can not  put a limit on how much they have to earn to be happy. Therefore today more than ever before people need the science of spirituality so that they do not value money or material gains to be happy in life.  Spirituality teaches them to limit their wants and relax and be happy in their lives. It does not mean they have to be idlers. Not at all. It is a question of learning to make the maximum use of the resources and live happily. In other words, people must know that money is necessary but money is an instrument, a means but not the end of life.