Destiny is such that those who are really dedicatedly doing or want to do something for humanity do not live longer and yet in their short span of life they do something so great that their legacies remain continually benefiting humans. In  Nepal Madan Bhandari was a unique political leader who has done so much to establish socialism in  Nepal. The New York Times wrote: Karl Marx lives in Nepal in consideration of the depth of knowledge and oratory power of Madan Bhandari. He was a charismatic political leader.  He defeated Krishna Prasad Bhattarai in the 1991 election and with that, he soared to a great political height and became the leader of the communist party of Nepal.

Coming from Taplejung District he took on a number of roles in leadership in different capacities and started his political career by becoming the member of the Democratic Cultural Front, a student movement launched by Pushpa Lal Shrestha. He, however, left this party and took on some others to finally take over on the Unified Marxist Leninist party. He architected the program of CPN(UML) People’s Multiparty Democracy that made it the strongest social/communist party in the nation. Bhandari dies a mysterious death in 1993 in a car accident and many believe that he was murdered.

Bhandari is one of the few persons who could institutionalized socialism in Nepal like another legendary figure BP Koirala. Needless to say, the credit goes to this great leader to manure and strengthen socialism in  Nepal.