Haribol Acharya

Today it is very much true that life cannot go without technology. Imagine you are a college goer. You have no mobile while the rest of your friends own mobile. Imagine you have no computer. The world has gone through a great deal of transformations- for good or for worse. There are communication revolutions- indeed great breakthroughs, unprecedented. Change is rapid and things are not the same in a year and every time new developments are seen.

Yes, today parents have to feed their six-month-old kids by gluing them to cartoons or they watch video games and only then they agree to eat. Parents do not want their kids to go hungry and agree to do anything just to feed them their foods.


Even if we visit some of the remotest parts of the world we come across the youths chatting over their mobiles with their friends in different regions. Today people who want to get a connection or have a relation or want to build up a romantic relationship – they do it connecting themselves with their mobiles. Their mobiles are helping them to meet their lovers, do romance, help fall in love, have sex and sometimes indulge in marriages.

Use of mobile phones or other technological devices is growing at a speed nobody knows what it will lead to finally. Of course, it connects people. But the connection is for good purposes or for bad purposes. Sometimes it builds ups a relationship and other times it breaks. Sometimes it frees the individual other times it chains.

 No matter we cannot run away or escape from technology no matter what efforts we make in a world wherein there is a great bulk of Medias or advertisements. We cannot keep ourselves away from the growing technological devices nor can we keep our kids away from it. All we can do is make efforts to channelize the course for us and can cultivate some good manners in our children so that they can use such technological devices for productive use also.