Haribol Acharya

Hydroponics is a type of hydroculture, that means growing something using  mineral solutions in a water solvent without soil. This is something lately introduced in Nepal and could be a promising farming mechanism if we give a little attention to it because of the growing agricultural demands in the country.  The method is exposing the roots to the mineral solution. Reservoirs of hydroponics are built of plastic materials or concrete glass or metal or wood. Even home-used plastic buckets, tubs or tanks also can be used as containers.

Today people can make use of this technique, even level can do it with lower costs. Though it can be used on a large scale but it can be used domestically at a low cost in a limited amount of space. Now in  Nepal hydroponics is growing. People can with a limited amount space in their garden or on rooftops can do this farming and get lots of benefits.

Of course, today people in urban areas want to do something on their own to grow vegetables since they are fed up with eating pesticides applied vegetables and but they have little space. They can do it a little effort with a small investment. In fact, through this method, we can produce or farm throughout the years in any seasons or in any climatic conditions. Any plant or vegetable can be grown by using this technology. We can go and watch in various places to observe how this kind of farming is done and what technology has been used if we want at any time. Al we need is a little interest and a little bit time. Of course, we need a little bit capital but it depends on the size of the farm. If we want to meet our day-to-day needs we can do in a little space domestically and if we want to do commercially a larger investment and large space is required. The choice is yours.