Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles

-Charlie Chaplin

Haribol Acharya

People have to think about the limitation of our time in this world and learn to keep oneself away from doing something bad and doing injuries to others. Both joys and sorrows are impermanent.

Life is a journey, an endless journey. If one is a traveler he or she should always be prepared to face anything that comes in the course of traveling. Nobody can always be happy and remain satisfied. Every human born on this planet has to meet with both joys and pains. But we have to learn to be living in the present and must not have remorse for our past. The Past is already passed, dead and we cannot relive it only except in our memories, and the future is uncertain and nobody knows what will happen next. We cannot visit our tomorrows except in our imaginations or thoughts. We must live totally, fruitfully and also peacefully in the present, accepting all that comes in the ways. Life is a guest house and does not expect good and likable customers visit the guest house all the time. You will have to face with bad or difficult customers also at times.

The present is the only moment we have with us and we can make the most of it. Whatever happened in the past cannot be undone and if we can do is we can learn from the mistakes we have made in the past and be committed not to repeat them again and again. We are uncertain about the future since anytime one can meet with death or one may live very long. Both possibilities remain fifty-fifty.  Therefore all that the wise do is understand the value of time one has currently and act diligently to progress, be happy and make the rest happy with whatever one can do. Do not think you can be great by doing great things only. Even the little job you do to help the need can of great value. The question is you must be prepared to do something and do it with total dedication. You have the potential to do something that can add value to the world though in a small way.