We have seen many Gurus, masters,  yogis, Mahatmas and today in a world of massive informational overflows or streams it is likely that we come across many Gurus who come up with lots of promises and ideas of enlightenment. This is growing in mushrooming numbers in recent years. India is a country of a thousand faiths, Gurus, and beliefs. Tens of thousands believers, devotees visit Ashramas or hermitages wherein all kinds of foul plays, deceits, dishonesties are rampantly practiced and criminal activities take place in  the name of religion, in the name of Gurus and of course promising tens of thousands of innocents that they can visit Heaven after death or they can  see Gods with their eyes. These deceivers claim they are prophets of God and some of them have gone far enough to claim that they are the incarnations of   God and their devotees and defenseless laypersons buy their ideas and do all they can and the Gurus benefit from the vulnerabilities of these innocents.

In fact, organized religions or religious institutions cannot give enlightenment and people can never get salvation through such institutions. Spirituality should be a private domain, or it is a self-observation. It is not a show business or something that can come as a workshop that makes or design spirituality. Therefore running after tens of Gurus, Babas, Yogis lead you nowhere. Rather all they do is entangle you in a world of confusion. Truth can never be arrived at by joining an institution or through schools of thoughts.

Of late we have heard a lot about one of the popular Gurus named Gurmeet Ram Rahim who have millions of followers throughout the world. He had amassed wealth, earned the great name, achieve great success got immense popularity and suddenly he had to face a great fall from a great summit. Now he is in prison as a culprit.

Asaram Babu is another controversial Baba. Enjoying so much respect, care, worship from his followers who are spread throughout the world in great numbers is not doomed and yes he also had to meet a great fall from his paradise and the loss he got is irreparable and now it will be difficult for him to ascend the same height.

Therefore, enlightenment is something which has little to do with joining a religious institution and cannot be attained by following or being devotees of a few Babas who leave only controversies as for their legacies.