Haribol Acharya

We want to connect, needless to say to the rest of the world.  Everyone wants his or her world to expand. The world means not just a physical geography, for geography matters little in  Today’s world with crumbling geographical borders. Today we want to connect through our ideas and we want to share ideas globally. For people are,  no matter  wherefrom he or she hails, whether she is a villager or a city girl; whether she is an old woman or a teenager she loves to connect and remains in a network and within  that network she loves to chat, share ideas and ideologies, argue, agree, disagree and finally feel thrilled for she is breaking through the cocoon of our socioeconomic  confines,  or racial or national boundaries or economical frontiers.

As such Facebook is on the grow colossally today. The question is while connecting are people safe? Today we are well aware that people while connecting come in virtual contact, chat, share thoughts, fall in love and even make a relationship and often the relationship extends to having even illicit  relationships that are likely to be detrimental and may lead to their fall, even end up in a tragic situation.  People become infatuated, particularly youngsters, and have a sexual relationship and often they do not want to take the responsibility for their actions which is likely to lead to criminal activities.

Yes, what is said above happens through misuse or abuse of Facebook. The problem is not Facebook. The problem is how one makes use of it.  Yes, many use Facebook to post or share photographs. Others use it post or share ideas and some others use it as a medium to sell their products. Therefore  Facebook can be used for benefits or for some bad intentions or unethical activities. It depends on the user. But when it comes to children parents must be watchful of the activities of Children using Facebook. Of course, today’ children are very much vulnerable to ideas of all sorts and it is so easy and is likely to go astray and parents must be always on guard. Needless to say, nobody can stop this big unstoppable stream or flow. The question is how people make use of this fabulous connecting device called Facebook.