The world we are living in is getting older, dirtier, more populated, poisoned, and deforested, deserted. And that is its physical form. But lets us talk about something very deeper and a question everyone must very carefully listen to. Today one of the greatest threats is not about the environment. It is about politics and religious extremism, intolerance, and conflicts among one another.

We know there is a great Nuclear threat from North Korea and it seems they are developing weapons of mass destructions. And the entire world in general Japan and South Korea, in particular, are in great troubles since they would be the first targets. Such threats are very deadly, many times deadlier than the threat of pollution, desertification. And even much deadlier than the threats posed by religious extremists these days since nuclear threats if they materialize will turn the world into a lifeless, inhabitable planet.

The big and powerful nations like the US, the UK, China and the European Union must do something urgently before it becomes too late. Imposing economic sanctions or embargos do not help to save the planet. Retaliation or the efforts to disarm them also do not solve the problem. It is through dialogue only we can arrive at a better and more peaceable solution.

But there are egos and people are not resorting to peaceful methods or means to solve the problem that can bring about a ceasefire soon. The world has already gone through a number of wars, first world war, second world war, and cold war and so many other wars in the past. The wars that broke earlier were less deadly than the war that breaks today. Since today countries are arming themselves with some of the deadliest weapons. We have heard about biological weapons also through which they can totally  poison the oxygen of the atmosphere and that can destroy all living beings and can make the earth lifeless.

Such possibility, of course, depresses us and yet this is a global issue that cannot be kept aside. We need to address such issues and make efforts to come to a solution in the interest of entire humanity. Bigger nations must behave as big brothers and they must initiate good dialogues that only can bring about a peaceful solution or else humanity keeps on living under great nuclear threats. Let us join together in our great mission of making the world free of nuclear explosives. Only therein lie our future and survival on this beautiful planet.