Extraterrestrial life or alien life is a new probability. Life may exist outside of earth, maybe intelligent life with a civilization of their own with a more technological advancement and culturally richer. This recent sending of messages to advanced alien civilizations ignites a hope that we, the earthlings may come in contact with the aliens of other worlds maybe in a couple of decades or a little more.

There is every possibility of life existing in outer space, in other terrestrial regions since the earth is one of the planets among a billion other galaxies and possible solar systems. And there have been some endeavors of finding out if there is life in recent years. All of us here on earth are curious about alien life and think how they would live there and whether they have cultures or religions like ours in their planets. Maybe they are more advanced than us or more barbarous. We also have the curiosity whether they have languages as we on this planet.

One great advantage human beings on earth will have if we can explore and land on a territory that is full of lives but not ferocious and brutal lives but very sagacious, intelligent lives that help us. Of course if that planet is under-populated large chunks of people can migrate out there and of course, the earth now getting overpopulated can shift large numbers of people out there for settlement.

Especially scientists all over the world after the Copernican principle that goes against the fact that the earth is the center of the universe believe that there could be similarly habitable planets elsewhere in the universe.  And maybe it would bring an unimagined revolution in the way we think in this world and of course, exchange or interaction with aliens would bring a new stream of thought and if they are more developed than we the earthlings we can learn a great deal from them. Also, there could be some threats to both sides.

No matter what the result will be after people can land on a new habitable planet and come across beings and can communicate is a matter of curiosity across the world. Maybe let us hope one day a team of scientists make it possible.