Kathmandu, Nov 3

Time for filing complaint against the candidates for the upcoming second-phase elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies has begun. The Election Commission has fixed 10:00 am to 17:00 pm today to register a complaint against the candidate at the respective office of Election Officers.


Thursday marked the completion of the registration of candidacy for the upcoming elections scheduled on December 7 under the second- phase.


According to the EC, it has registered candidacies of 4,708 people for the second phase election towards the first-past-the-post system taking place on December 7.  These candidacies are for 128 seats in the House of Representatives and 256 for the State Assemblies elections from 45 districts.  A total of 1,742 have filed nominations for the House of Representatives election while 2,966 for the State Assemblies.


Likewise, the candidacy of women candidates stands at 334, including 126 for House of Representatives and 209 for State Assemblies elections.
The EC is scheduled to investigate into the complaints against the candidates tomorrow and publish the approved name list tomorrow itself.


November 5 has been declared as the day for publishing the final list of candidates and for allocating election symbols to candidates.

09-       Cyclist killed after being hit by tractor


Urlabari, Morang, Nov 3 (RSS):  A cyclist was killed after being hit by a tractor near Devkota Chowk of Biratnagar Metropolitan-8, Morang.


The deceased has been identified as Basant Rhishidev, 40, of Katahari Rural Municipality-4. He died on the spot in the accident took place on Thursday evening, according to District Traffic Police Office, Morang chief police inspector Madan Giri.


Following the accident, police have taken the driver under control along with the vehicle for further investigations into the case.

10-       Country will see prosperity after elections: Oli


Surunga, Jhapa, Nov 3 (RSS): CPN (UML) chair KP Sharma Oli has said the country will find a path towards prosperity and the governance system will be as per the aspirations of people in the aftermath of elections in the country.


Speaking at a press meet in Damak today, he said prosperity and ruling system as per the interests of people would be established in the nation after the elections.


He went on to claim that the recently forged leftist alliance was meant for meeting the above mentioned interests.  The leftist alliance is unveiling the election manifesto on coming Monday.


The UML chair took the time to urge the Nepali Congress and other political parties to take part in the elections fairly, not to ‘label’ false charge against the alliance and not to abuse the power.

11-       Police head constable dies while on duty


Bhaktapur, Nov 3 (RSS): A police head constable working at the Madhyapur Thimi Police Circle in Bhaktapur met with sudden death at 11 pm on Thursday.


Forty three years old Lal Babu Raut was on duty at the police office when he suddenly collapsed. He was rushed to the Civil Hospital at Gaththaghar but the doctors pronounced him dead on arrival, Chief of the Madhyapur Thimi Police Circle, Deputy Superintendent Prajwal Maharjan said. Raut is a resident of Birgunj, Parsa. His body has been taken to the Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu for post-mortem.

12-       EC focused on making elections exemplary: CEC Yadav 


Kathmandu, Nov 3 (RSS): Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav   has said the Election Commission (EC) was working with a focus on its goal of making the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies exemplary in view of the managerial aspect.


Inaugurating an orientation programme relating to election for youths associated with political parties taking part in the elections, he said EC activities were focused on polling centres as   management of electoral logistics and packing of ballot papers and its transport had already begun.


“The filing of election candidacy had taken place enthusiastically,” he said, urging political parties and candidates to fully abide by the election code of conduct with piety as they participated in the filing of candidacy.  He requested them not to take any unethical means to woo the voters.


Stating that only the guarantee of free and impartial elections could strengthen democracy, the CEC would adopt a zero-tolerance policy against the violator of election code of conduct.

Election Commissioner Ishwari Prasad Poudyal questioned what would happen over status of justice and good conducts if a party violating the election code of conduct got responsibility for heading the election, urging all to be fully aware of it.


EC joint secretary and spokesperson Nawaraj Dhakal said the peaceful and systematic registration of candidacy for the upcoming elections on Thursday has inspired one and all.


The EC has expressed commitment to make the voters’ education programmes effective so as to increase voters’ turnout and the number of valid votes in the upcoming two elections.


Youths taking part in the orientation will be imparted knowledge on constitutional and legal provisions for election, the voting process and the election code of conduct.

13-       RPP to use ‘democracy with king’ in its election manifesto


Kathmandu, Nov 3 (RSS): The ruling partner Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) is to use ‘democracy with king’ in its election manifesto.


Party spokesman Bhuwan Pathak said the party was going to include the constitutional monarchy in the form of ‘change with continuity’ in its manifesto that it is preparing in view of the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections due on November 26 and December 7 this year.


Pathak said the party leaders and cadres have suggested that the party should state the principle of monarchy as its conceptual views in the election manifesto that is in the process of preparation.


Reinstating Nepal as a Hindu nation has also been prioritized in the manifesto, Pathak said, adding that the party had since its inception adopted Nepal as a Hindu, unitary state with constitutional monarchy as its long-term tactical line.


According to him, the party’s election manifesto will also prioritize economic liberalism with the policy of making the production and the distribution system accessible to all the people in a just manner.


Likewise, Pathak said the party’s election manifesto will prioritize the need for the State to provide special protection to the backward areas and marginalized classes and for the respect of individual freedom and right to property.

14-       NWPP chair Bijukchhe not to contest any election in future

-Ramesh Giri


Bhaktapur, Nov 3 (RSS): Chairman of Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party ( NWPP), Narayanman Bijukchhe, has said he would not compete in any election in the future.


Talking to RSS in Bhaktapur today, he said NWPP had handed the responsibility for operating the party to a youth generation.


The decision of Bijukchhe not to be in the race for the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies has been the talks of the down and at this backdrop  he said, ” There is no situation to be surprised by  my decision to contend in the election.  It does not mean that I have taken retirement from the politics. I will not contend any election throughout my life and a youth generation is here to lead the party.”


He further made it clear that he did not file his candidacy due to his age factor. “Now I am 70. I have started losing memory power due to age old. And bearing this in mind, I decided not to seek my role in the Parliament through the election. My focus will be on taking the part ahead.”


In his response to a question whether this decision would downsize party votes, he refused such prediction, adding that that voters would vote for party, and those voting for candidate would be the least.

Stating that the party was not the ethnicity-based party and people had  equally  trusted it when it made Bhairav Risal as the party election candidate in the past.



15-       Complaints filed against 699 officials not providing information             -Kumar Chaulagain


Kathmandu, Nov 3: Complaints have been lodged against 699 local level information officials not providing public information.


These complaints have been sent to the office chiefs of the related offices by post at the initiatives of Freedom Forum, a non-governmental organization working in the field of freedom of expression and the right to information for long, coinciding with the National Information Day.


Information had been sought from 753 local levels across the country and only 54 furnished it, according to the Freedom Forum (FF). The complaints have been registered against the information officers of 699 local levels in accordance with the Right to Information Act, 2064 after they did not give the information neglecting the right to information.


The Freedom Forum had sought information on issues of public interest with all the local level executive offices in the country aiming to creating an environment for constructive and trustworthy participation between the citizens and the local governments so as to promote transparency and accountability in the local governments.


FF chairman Hari Binod Adhikari, executive chief Taranath Dahal, former president of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) and FF general secretary Dharmendra Jha, advocates Ram Maya Lamichhane and Sanjeev Ghimire, FF treasurer Kedar Dahal and journalist Krishna Prasad Sapkota, among others, had sought with the local levels the certified copies of information and details of public importance for the purpose of study and information, in accordance with Article 27 of the Constitution of Nepal and Clause 3 and 7 (1) of the Right to Information Act, 2064. However, 699 local levels failed to provide them with the information they had sought.


Information regarding whether or not information officers have been assigned in the local level as required by the law, if the 20 various types of information that have to be voluntarily made public every three months have been made public or not and in what manner, whether public hearings are held or not in the offices as per the Good Governance Act, 2064 and if the local level executive offices have formulated any guidelines, policies or laws regarding managing the office information, among other topics.


Likewise, information was sought from the local levels regarding whether they have kept the Citizen Charter at their offices, whether they have their website or not and whether or not the property details of the elected office-bearers and the staff been collected, the amount of budget that they have set aside for construction of office buildings and other works been made public, and whether or not they had the policy of placing a hoarding board at the project site mentioning the details of the project and its cost for the projects implemented by the office, and whether or not the office has put in place any legal or policy structure for ensuring the public participation in its works,  including other topics.


Complaint against TU information officer


A complaint has also been filed against the information officer at the Tribhuvan University Registrar’s Office after the officer failed to provide the information sought.


The complaint has been filed at the TU Vice Chancellor’s Office today as the information officer failed to provide information regarding the team deputed from the TU central office taking dual facilities while carrying out internal auditing at 60 constituent campuses under the university.


Information sought from Home Ministry


Meanwhile, advocate Asmita Pokharel and RTI campaigner Kumar Chaulagain today sought information with the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the status of the case related to the forced disappearance of Kanchanpur-based journalist Prakash Singh Thakuri and which body was looking after the case. Journalist Thakuri had gone missing during the Maoist armed conflict period. The information has been sought at the initiation of the Freedom Forum.

16-       Kathmandu DAO urges people to submit legalised arms


Kathmandu, Nov 3 (RSS): The District Administration Office (DAO), Kathmandu has urged general people to compulsorily handover licensed arms (guns and pistols) registered in the individual’s name to it during the election period.  The DAO has given the deadline till November 16 to submit such arms.


The Office has banned any individual except those getting authority to carry and wield any sorts of arms like gun and pistol, lathi and khukuri during the election. Likewise possession and demonstration of explosive and chemical devices and toxic substances by any individual has been completely banned.


Also the illegal production of alcohol and alcoholic products and their sale have been completely prohibited during the elections, Chief district officer Kedarnath Sharma said in a press statement.


More, the Kathmandu DAO is in high alert in view of the upcoming elections scheduled to be held here in second phase on December 7.

17-       Election should be conducted as big celebration: Vice President Pun


Chitwan, Nov 3 (RSS): Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has said that the House of Representatives and the State Assembly elections should be concluded as grand celebration.


The Vice President said that while inaugurating the Nepal Poultry and Livestock International Exhibition, 2074 organized by the Nepal Poultry Federation here today.


“The active cooperation of all is required for conducting the elections to the House of Representatives and the State Assemblies as grand celebrations as this was the decisive and the final phase of the implementation of the new constitution,” he said.


Stating that the leaders, cadres and candidates of the political parties were reaching out to the voters with their respective agendas, the Vice President stressed the need of conducting the election in a free, fair and fear-free environment. He also drew the attention of the government, political parties and all the sides concerned to this.


The Vice President expressed the belief that like the past elections, this election would also be concluded as a celebration, paving the way for the full implementation of the constitution.


“I urge all the voters to use their voting right by taking part in the election and casting votes,” he added.


Noting that Chitwan has made a good progress in the poultry sector, Vice President Pun said the poultry sector that carries with it a history of around six decades has today developed as a self-reliant sector of the country. He added that the private sector has played a major role in developing poultry as a self-reliant sector, urging the government to formulate policy for making other sectors of the economy also self-reliant like the poultry sector.


Secretary at the Ministry of Livestock Development, Prakash Mathema said the government has provided the possible support for commercialization and marketization of the poultry sector. He mentioned the Poultry Policy that was formulated in 2068 BS as a step towards this direction.


President of Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) Hari Bhakta Sharma, Bharatpur Metropolitan City mayor Renu Dahal, Nepal Poultry Federation president Guna Chandra Bista, vice-president Tikaram Pokharel, among others underscored the need of further promoting and expanding the poultry industry in the country.


More than 170 stalls of Nepal, India, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, China, America, Turkey, Malaysia, Taiwan, Italy, Israel, Bangladesh among other countries have been kept in the exhibition.


Workshops, discussions and interaction would also be organized as part of the exhibition where experts from within the country and abroad will be taking part. The organizers expect that between 25 to 30 thousand poultry entrepreneurs and people will observe the exhibition. Nearly 500 foreigners have arrived here in connection with the poultry exhibition. (Photo available)

18-       Nepal stresses on apt policy to mitigate impact of global warming


Kathmandu, Nov 3 (RSS): Nepal’s permanent representative for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Ambika Luitel has spoken of the need to implement appropriate programmes for mitigating the adverse effects of global warming on Nepal’s Himalayas.


Addressing the 39th general meeting of UNESCO in Paris, the capital of France, on Thursday, she stressed on adopting measures to prevent global warming.


Nepal’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO, Luitel stated that global warming has not only affected the mountain region of Nepal but also caused damage to the biodiversity of the entire South Asia, talking about the utility of international hydrological science in mitigating global warming. She also shed light on the importance of biosphere and the human race.


Luitel, who is also Nepal’s ambassador to France, said the establishment of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development is a foundation to combating global warming and climate change, and ecosystem conservation.


Permanent Representative Luitel also said on the occasion that reconstruction and rehabilitation of the cultural heritages damaged by the earthquake was going on.


Heads of State or of governments and ministers from UNESCO’s 195 member nations are taking part in the general assembly that began from Monday, the Embassy of Nepal, Paris stated in a press release today.

19-       Construction of telecom infrastructure services allowed


Kathmandu, Nov 3 (RSS): The government has allowed the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) for the construction of telecommunications infrastructure services with a view to making the telecommunications services accessible and reliable.


The NTA, in line with the Telecommunications Infrastructure Regulations-2074 BS prepared by the government, is for the first time establishing two infrastructure services providing companies.


According to NEA spokesperson Meen Prasad Aryal, there would be no duplication in infrastructure, telecommunications services would become less costly and there would be positive impact on environment protection efforts once such companies are established.

20-       Three held with three kgs of hashish


Bhimduttanagar, Nov 3 (RSS): Police held three people along with 3.2 kilogramms of hashish today from Attariya Bazar of Godawari Municipality -1 in Kailali.


Locals Sareshram BK, Ganesh Bhattarai and Yagya Bahadur Singh were arrested by a squad from the Narcotics Control Bureau branch office, Bhimduttangar, the Bureau said.


They have been handed to the District Police Office Kailali for further investigations into the case.

21-       Diabetes and endocrine specialists’ int’l meet starts tomorrow


Itahari, Nov 3 (RSS): The international level South East Asia Diabetes and Endocrine Specialists’ Conference is taking place at the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan from tomorrow.


More than 500 specialist doctors from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, America and Britain, among other countries are taking part in the two-day conference, coordinator of the conference Dr Rabin Maskey said at a news conference regarding this here today.


This is the first time that this kind of international level conference is being organized at a place out of the Kathmandu valley.


Dr Maskey said the conference is focused on the increase in diabetes and endocrine related diseases in the countries of South Asia and the ways of minimizing it.

According to him, one-third of the world’s population suffering from diabetes and endocrine-related diseases live in the South East Asia region.

The conference is jointly organized by BPKIHS, Diabetes and Endocrine Association Nepal (DEAN) and South East Asia Diabetes and Endocrine Forum (SEADEF).

22-       Oli pledges to bring down foreign employment to zero

Baniyani, Jhapa, Nov 3 (RSS): CPN (UML) Chair KP Sharma Oli has vowed to bring down foreign employment to a zero-level provided that the left alliance became victorious in the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies.


Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Chautari at Damak, Jhapa today, he gave words to create sufficient employment opportunities within the country so as youths need not to seek for abroad jobs if the alliance won the elections.


“The foreign employment had come down to 18 percent during the UML government in the past,” said Oli, the former Prime Minister.


He, who has filed his candidacy from the House of Representatives election from the Jhapa constituency no. 5, insisted on the need of making the elections free and impartial.


He took the time to accuse the Nepali Congress to be guided by individual interests though party veteran leaders like BP Koirala and Ganeshman Singh had dedicate fought for democracy.