Nepal is a country of limitless resources and needs not be poor at all for a variety of reasons. First Nepal has large fertile landmasses that can not only feed the people of the country it can even export grains to its neighboring countries. However ironically a country of great agricultural land where the majority of people are farmers have to import every year great bulks of grains from foreign countries. Travel to the villages of the country you will be surprised to see large landmasses are left untilled, barren. If you ask the people they will reply that they have shortages of manpower. The majority of youths of these villages go foreign lands in search of jobs. In fact, these landmasses can be cultivated for good crops and the people employed there can earn more from such lands through scientific farming technologies. This is a sustainable income but the income earned through foreign employment is not sustainable and what is more such employment in foreign lands are likely to invite a variety of social problems or issues. The government must encourage these youths to stay in Nepal. They can be encouraged to stay in Nepal through some incentives the government can provide. They must be provided with some vocational training to do some entrepreneurial jobs or some small vocations that earn them to sustain in the nation. And at the same time, they must be provided some funds in the form of loans or grants so that these youths can work on their own without thinking of going abroad.

Another thing the government of Nepal can do is trigger industrial revolutions by opening industries in large numbers through directly mobilizing internal resources or borrowing from foreign countries to invest in large projects or attract foreign investors by making everything easy – mainly developing better infrastructures like transportations and communications and uninterrupted supplies of power. Mainly hydropower since Nepal is one of the richest countries in hydro energy.

Nepal needs not be a poor country. Poverty can be eliminated and the living standards or living conditions of the people of Nepal can be improvised through better plans by the government. Though Nepal can gain so much through remittances as Nepal’s economy is based on the income through remittances, it is never sustainable. On the one hand, it is not economically a sustainable thing to send youths for foreign employment, on the other hand, it is bringing out a large number of social issues and problems.

Considering the size of the population of Nepal and its landmasses or land distribution Nepal is not an overpopulated nation. And since being a geographically a country of great biodiversity different types of crops can be cultivated in most land in Nepal – -various seasonal crops. What is the problem in Nepal for development then? The only problem is willpower. That is what our government is lacking and also the people who are representing the people in government. Therefore all we need is willpower that can help the people to overcome the poverty they are in currently.