Man dreams. And we do not know whether animals also dream. This is a scientific topic and this is not a scientific analysis of dreams.  The dream is really a great gift to mankind whether by God or by nature. Dreams transport humans to a different world and of course to another world that is different from the world of our wakefulness.

Speaking scientifically or based  on study on dreams a dream is a string of sensations or ideas or images that humans have and yet nobody can say what the dream is really about. Nobody can and no scientists have full evidence have said what dreams are all about.

Some scientific efforts are made to interpret dreams and yet all these efforts or the outcomes from their efforts are not fully convincing.

Sigmund Freud has said dreams are expressions of one’s suppressed desires and anxieties. But his theories or ideas about dreams have already been outdated. Carl Jung, however, said dreams are kind of foreknowledge and in fact, man can know or gets some message through dreams and that may help him in his life.

Yes everybody is interested in knowing about dreams but there are no verifiable or provable ideas about dreams. Anyway, we dream and it is indeed beautiful to dream in life.