Janakpurdham – Nepali Congress leader and member of the House of Representatives, Dr Arzu Rana Deuba has complained that she has become a victim of ‘media trial’ in fake Bhutanese refugees scam.

At a programme organised at the NC Madhes Province Office this morning, she argued that although the role of media is significant in the information and communication era, sometimes attack on individual through media trail is the matter of concern.

“The same thing happened to me in the fake Bhutanese refugees scam,” she said. She expressed the view that the party should create a defense strategy in such cases. Dr Rana pointed out the need for media to create a strategy for the publicity of activities carried out by the party Madhes Province leadership.

She suggested that the NC ministers carry out activities and publicity relating to nutrition as the status of nutrition in Madhes province in much below the national index.

NC leader Ramhari Khatiwada, NC Madhes Province President and Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development of Province, Krishna Prasad Yadav, Minister for Health and Population, Birendra Singh, as well as party leaders and cadres were present on the occasion.