Nepal is no longer an isolated country now culturally from the rest of the world. Of course, Nepal is not a multiracial or multicultural country like the USA or the UK or Australia or Canada.

For these countries have to welcome many migrants, refugees every year and these newcomers are likely to change some aspects of the US and the people and the culture of the US is also likely to change or affect the lifestyles of the newcomers and it is a continuous process and goes unchanged forever and ever.


It is hard to judge whether the  US gains or losses through such uninterrupted inflows of people. But from a broader aspect, they are gaining tremendously. A good chunk of scientists in the US come from other countries and also a great number of laborers they need on their farms come from other countries. As such they get gains rather losses through such inflows of people.


Let us see the case of Nepal. Today Nepal is also no longer an isolated country.

Every year a great many people are leaving the country for overseas in search of jobs or pursue higher studies. And let us imagine when Nepali boys and girls live in the US for a couple of decades and suddenly choose to return, in fact only a small chunk of the people who fly to the US.

When they come they bring new cultures, American, and  Europeans social and cultural values and good and bad aspects of their free societies, free love, romance, and sex.

All these things are not always helping us and some aspects of western cultures disharmonize our age-old cultural and social coexistence.

We cannot stop all these aspects and western values. However, all we can do is cultivate an idea in the youths of Today that all that is western and modern are not always good and all that is traditional are not bad and of course we must be able to convince them that they must be more into Nepali culture while adopting westerns science and technology.