Haribol  Acharya

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise- Sigmund Freud. As a great psychologist, Sigmund Freud said it is vital one needs to be honest with oneself prior to practising it with others. To be honest with oneself is one can lie to others but lying to oneself is not possible for one knows the truth all the time thought outwardly in his dealing with the rest of the world he may pretend he does not know and tells lies. In this world, one has to compete and often a situation demands one has to tell lies so as to be acceptable to somebody and yet inside him, his own conscience knows he is becoming dishonest with. Honesty is something one has to cultivate in his mind or else. Or else one has to tell a thousand lies to prove one lie and one becomes compelled to live accordingly in a chain of lies in life.

Small children are often found to tell lies and for a variety of reasons and it is therefore required that children are taught to be bold, to tell the truth. The responsibility indeed lies in the parents to cultivate a mindset in their earlier formative days. The reason why children tell lies is they want to defend themselves. Sometimes children pretend that their stomachs are aching and they are only acting even if they are pretty much well. The one and the only reason they choose to tell lies is they do not want to go to school for a variety of reasons. They might have not done their assignments or homework, or their teachers may be very hostile or somebody in his class bullying him. He cannot say all these things to their parents and it loves to hide all these secrets and pretend that he is sick and as such avoids his school.  Though it is a big challenge for any parents to encourage their kids to tell the truth. The best technique is communicated with children at regular intervals and one has to behave with children as if they are friends or else they never share their secrets and cultivate a habit of telling lies and it, therefore, is likely to lead to the downfall of children if they keep on lying in life.

Therefore being honest with oneself begins at an infant age and once one is grown up and is accustomed to tell lies he becomes comfortable with the habit of telling lies. Therefore it demands a great amount of exercise from people to learn to be honest first of all with oneself and only then with the rest of the world one is living in harmony in society.