Visit the site of the Pashupatinath temple in the evening and go around for a while or climb up a stair to go to Kailash or the Biswarupa temple you can come across many youths – mainly teenagers embracing, hugging, kissing one another in large numbers. They are doing all these things in the open and without caring if anybody is looking at them. A boy puts the girl in his lap and kisses her and does not care as if somebody is watching the scene. Love, romance, and sex are no doubt among the things people need in their lives and what is more in modern times people are more aware of the needs of such things in their lives and to talk against all these issues is sheer foolishness and becomes irrelevant.

The question is: Are these teenagers, that constitute mainly high school students who are bunking their class, behaving properly? Is their time to fall in love? Of course one has the right to fall in love and this is a natural phenomenon to like, love and kiss or even have sex. But everything has a time and it is untimely and prematurely to fall in love and have sex for the little ones since such acts done prematurely or untimely invite lots of problems. First, they are not doing well in their performance in their school and if they do not do well in their education they will not do well in their futures and cannot get good employment.

The teenagers that we may come across looked to have aged not over fourteen or fifteen and some look between twelve to fourteen. Their parents have no knowledge of their whereabouts. They believe these kids are doing well in their school. Parents of these people come mainly from a lower social stratum. Most of them are poor and homeless, homeless in the city though they may have their homes in the village. Their parents might have to work hard to earn money to meet the educational expenses of their children. But they are unaware or not knowledgeable about the activities of their wards. They may be busy with working hard and cannot take concerns for their children properly.

This is a growing problem in the nation and of course these teens who have to shoulder the responsibility of future Nepal. Therefore it must be the concern of the government of Nepal about such issues. They must mobilize policies to such areas wherein these children are committing such deed. Or else it may create big problems. If such youngsters do not follow up a right track they do not get a better employment and they may engage in some criminal activities also. Therefore it is the responsibility of the government to take care of such things. If the police officers become watchful of these teens for a few months and check in the areas they do such activities, mainly in the Pashupatinath area, in Swayambhu and in some few other areas it can be controlled to a great extent though not to a total extent.