Shiv Khera is a motivational teacher and was popular for a range of speeches on self-help domains. His famous and greatly liked book is You Can Win that attracted a large readership in India and also abroad.  The main theme of his book You Can Win is one has to work smartly to be successful in life. That means one can do the same work, not a different job, but quite smartly or differently. Looking at his earlier life before his success story Shiv Khera also worked in low – paying jobs like car-washer, agent of an insurance company etc at his different phases of life. Once he wrote You Can Win which has been a best seller in India he became popular and earned both name and fame.

Having a multi-faceted personality as an educator, author, business consultant, and also recognized as an entrepreneur he is a very dynamic orator. His thundering speeches on self-help areas have helped many business communities and taught many managers, businessmen, and others. People know him by his famous slogan Winners don’t do different things but they do things differently.