Many types of people are born in the world and they involve in the different part of environment and situation according to their desire. Among them, entertainment is the most important part of the human being. Keeping it on attention, the scientists have invented varieties of devices like (the computer, laptop, mobile phone, the camera and so on). It is not only enough these devices for people but also it is the most important to connect the internet.


It is the world which is run by e-mail and the internet at the present time. All people of the world depend on the internet, if there is no internet, the world will be total darkness. All types of events and information shared by the internet in a second to numbers of people. Nowadays, the internet has become a basic need for people. Every people will transfer to fish in the trouble water lack of e-mail and internet.


Especially users use GOOGLE, google is a system of searching everything so it is called search engine too. Most of the people use to use Facebook, twitter, yahoo, different kinds of apps or websites by the internet. In this moment, the number of users is operating google, Facebook, youtube, and twitter


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