Who had born in Panchtar Subhang in 1995, barn of melodious tone, singer’s name is Dipa Suhang Limbu. But she has been struggling in music field for three years in Kathmandu. Originally she is from Panchthar , Subhang   but  living in Kathmandu in this moment.

It is said that as a proverb  “morning shows the day” in fact, she used to interest in music as well as media sector from childhood so that used to listen musics and songs constantly with the help of Radio and F.M. Not only above matters to her to encourage in music field, but also she used to listen interview of other singers and artists and then she thought that,I also will face interview in Radio, T.V, F.M etc. First of all Dipa participated in “PURWAKO AWAJ” singing competition and got success to select top five too.

After that she had got an opportunity to record a song in 2014. With the entering in Kathmandu, with aim of being famous singer, she started to learn music in”SHRE SANGIT PATHSALA” as well as got opportunity to record song for collection album. In the period of learning, she says herself “it is necessary to do struggle, be laborious, equanimity , it is only beginner’s period of mine”.


She recorded a song last year titled “PHARIYA CHOLEE”, which is written and composed by Ashok Lohorung Rai and also it is preparing to make music video in presentation of Hilihang Hakpare Sayang. Singer, Dipa has just recorded a song it’s titled “THIBONG” which is related with Limbu culture and then composed and written by Raju Angdembe and Suwarna Nembang respectively.


Now a days, she is busy in stage program in different part of Nepal.” Which is your choice, what is your hubby be continue, never be pessimistic and never give up definitely you can get success.” she says. In the present period, Dipa is participating to season-2 Limbuwan Idal. Music is life and wants to spend life in struggle according to her desire.